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  • Thanks, @djpaul. :)

    Thanks very much for your help. :) The problem’s solved now.

    @mercime Thanks for the reply. I tried what you said and it worked, sort of.

    Yeah, sorry about the free emails widget. I think I removed it since staring this topic. And now I’ve changed the widgets again.

    If you look at my site again you’ll see that there’s now three widgets. Now I want to put the “Subscribe to our free emails” widget at the top, the BuddyPress default login widget in the middle and the Facebook like box at the bottom. Both of the non-default widgets have been put in using text widgets from the dashboard under Appearance > Widgets.

    When I tried what you suggested with three widgets it put the email subscribe form at the top, then the Facebook like box, followed by the BuddyPress default login form, and the subscribe form appeared again at the bottom. I’m guessing you have to do something different when there’s three widgets.

    Thanks, @mercime but unless I’m mistaken, that will remove the text below the comment form. I want to be able to modify the text there.

    Thank you, aces, I’ve sorted that now. :)
    Although, interesting question by zanzaboonda. Some people would want to do that, I suppose.

    OK, thanks Paul, it’s sorted now.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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