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Michael Nielsen

About Me

Marketing Manager and SEO consultant at Alphaweb where I help our customers with various types of coding, online marketing strategi, social media advertising but mainly various aspects of SEO/SEM. Beside online marketing I do a lot of work with webdesign and webshop solutions in both Shopware and WordPress/WooCommerce. I have more than 8 years of experience with WordPress for both small and larger companies.
Beside WordPress I also do some work in Shopware, which is one of the best webshop systems in my opinion. But WooCommerce is still my favorite system when developing a webshop. Mainly because it’s easy to work with, has tons of features and if a feature is missing, you can almost certainly find it as a plugin. This enables you to build almost any type of webshop you can think about. And you can do some better webdesign templates in WooCommerce compared to other webshop systems.
When not coding and programming I enjoy doing sports and hanging out with my family. Just a pity I can’t combine those two, as none other in my family enjoy any kind of sport.
I usually do coding and webdesign in the following programming languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, Jquery and a little python when needed.

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Current Location

Aalborg, Denmark

WordPress Origin Story

Feel free top drop me a mail if you need more information, or want to hire me for a project. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I can help you with a new webshop or website for your business, or various types of online marketing solutions.

Been doing webdesign and SEO in WordPress since the beginning. Have been trying out a lot of different CMS systems before that, like CMS made simple, Joomla ect. But designing a new website in WordPress has always been much easier than any other system I have tried. It works, it’s fast and it’s easy to use (well most of the time). Best part for me about WordPress is that it’s great for SEO, so if you want a ny hjemmeside that’s effective, and can convert visitors into customers, then you really can’t go wrong with a WordPress solution.
Also many of the best looking webdesigns are made with WordPress websites.




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I have really enjoyed working with WordPress over the last few years. Especially because it’s a system you can modify so easily and without being a hardcore programmer (it helps). So you need help with a WordPress/WooCommerce webdesign problem, you can always hire me to give a hand. We are a small webbureau but hardworking and with a lot of experience.
You can reach me at
Ved Stranden 22, 4. th.
9000 Aalborg
+45 24926810

We help out customers both here in Aalborg, but also in other parts of Denmark. No problem is to big or small, if you need a custome price for a project, give us a call and let’s talk about it. It can be a small website for a carpenter or a large webshop selling thousands of online products. Check out some of our work on WordPress here.

Here’s a few examples of the WordPress services we provide.
WordPress Webdesign and templates – for those who want a modern website that is responsive and works well on all devices. We focus on a clean and modern webdesign that converts well and helps you get more customers for your business.

Google Ads – CPC optimizations and campaigns for those who want to get more visitors to their website or webshop through online marketing. It’s a fast way to get a new a new webshop up and running quickly.

SEO and seach engine optimization – for those who want to be found on organic results when people are searching for their main keywords. It’s often something that takes quite a lot of time and afford. But often well worth it in the long run.

SoMe marketing – for those who want to be found on social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. We can help make your business far more visible on social media and make people aware of your brand, products or services.

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