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1.0 b2 on WP MU 2.7 so far…

  • life2000


    I have installed a fresh WP MU 2.7 and it’s going well. I then installed Buddypress 1.0 b2 that was just released.

    The home theme did not work for me. It gave me a few lines and links on a white page.

    I had to go back to the last version and install the home theme while keeping all the other new components from 1.0 b2.

    1) Is there a problem with the new default home thing?

    2) Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    3) Would it be OK to mix and match from 1.0 b and 1.0 b2?

    Other than that, it’s all awesome. It’s beautiful. THANK YOU all and Andy :)


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  • Here is what happened to me…..

    I was running 2.6 and I had made changes to the MU Default theme and it worked well. I then upgraded to 2.7 and simply replaced the Default Theme with the theme I had customized. Strangely though, even though the original default was completely erased and overwritten, it still appeared in its entirety when I selected it as the theme, despite the fact it had completely been customized. Only after renaming the theme did it function properly…well semi-properly. I am still experiencing quite a few issues with the WPMU 2.7 / BP Beta 2 combination. My issue was more WPMU related, but still a lot of strange occurrences.



    I think it’s because of the new default theme. All the other components work fine.

    I now have the BP beta 2 everything with the older version of the home theme, and it’s working. Although I haven’t yet tested it all completely.

    If you are getting blank screens you need to check your logs to see the errors. The likely cause is that you are using functions that no longer exist.

    If you can find out which functions are in question, it will be quite easy to fix. This is the problem with creating new themes before the default theme is final unfortunately. Once the theme is 1.0, you won’t run into these problems.

    I thought the default theme was complete and ready it says 1.0b on the download page … same as all other components.



    1.0 beta or 1.0 beta2 is not 1.0 yet.

    beta != final.



    Outside of the Home theme, which I have switched to the b1 version, everything else has worked for me so far.

    I will keep going with it this way and although I haven’t tested everything, I am pretty sure it will be a smooth ride.

    This is an Awesome piece of work! I consider it as my Christmas and Birthday gift:)



Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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