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1.1.x Compatible Themes

  • Lisa Sabin-Wilson


    Hope this is an ok forum topic….

    I am in the final legs of writing BuddyPress For Dummies. The biggest challenge writing a book on something like BuddyPress (and WordPress) is keeping up with all the changing development and improvements. (Kudos BP Devs!)

    I am really hoping to be able to include a chapter in the book that helps BP users find, download and use Free BuddyPress themes that have been created by members of the BuddyPress community.

    I know there are several out there and have seen/tried them all – – however, considering all of the great changes to the BuddyPress theme framework with 1.1.x – what I’m looking for are themes that are compatible with this latest version. Preferably child themes that are easy for the user to install and use out of the box (remembering that the Dummies series of books are for beginners to intermediate level users)

    Looking for suggestions – I need at least 10 themes to justify a chapter devoted to free BP themes for users .. so, even if you want to create one and float it over – drop me a line and let me know. My writing deadline is this week – – but I can slip this chapter in during the final copy editing before it goes to print if I can accumulate a listing of quality themes in time!

    Thanks for you time!

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  • zageek


    Well done on the book. It sounds really cool. There aren’t enough Buddypress themes out there. I am working on a custom parent theme, would like to share it once its done but its nowhere near ready for release.

    Why don’t you set up a website and put that address in the book and then link to or keep copies of the theme on your site. That way if sites go offline you won’t end up with dead links in your published work.



    So far 1.1 free theme is only one which you can download directly from this site, other than original buddypress theme.

    There’re paid themes, but I believe they aren’t updated to 1.1

    Paul Gibbs


    I think both the above are on the money. I’d suggest making a link to (does that even make sense in the context of a book?!)

    Lisa Sabin-Wilson


    My editor says .. “Lisa, just create a bunch to list in the book”.. uh, heh. :)

    I think telling the readers to keep their eye keen on the /extend/themes directory on the BuddyPress site is a good way to go, since there are only two compatible themes listed so far, doesn’t really warrant an entire chapter really.

    Thanks for the feedback!



    Lisa – I’m going to upgrade my AvenueK9 theme to be compatible with BP 1.1.1 … it works fine right now, but there are a few style issues I’m going to iron out. The documentation is also a bit scanty, so I’ll be more descriptive in the next release to address some of the common questions I’ve been getting for this =)

    Lisa Sabin-Wilson


    Mfjmk – would love to include it. If it’s not too much trouble, could you pop me a quick PM here when you have it updated? I have about 3-4 weeks left before the book is ready for print (according to me editor)

    Thanks alot! :)



    Updated AvenueK9 theme for BP 1.1.1 here >> … BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! It now comes with EVEN MORE documentation!! AND THAT’S NOT ALL… it’s completely FREEEEEE! =P

    You can also demo it at

    Enjoy =)



    I personally like the wpmu buddypress templates of Milo (, these probably aren’t beginner class, but they still are awesome.

    I’m using the template “Bruce” right now as a reference for my own buddypress community.



    I do not mind using the buddypress theme, however I do not like the forum config with bbpress can I work my way around it.

    Michael Kuhlmann


    @profitsbuzz – try the updated forums that ship with bp 1.1+ because they’re a bit better than the previous version (and very easy to install). otherwise, you can try your luck with the simplepress plugin.

    quick update: demo site for the Avenue K9 BP theme has been moved from to

    the theme download ( now also points to the Google Code repository

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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