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1.2- can't create groups and forums questions.

  • symm2112


    I wanted to test out 1.2 and loaded everything but now that it’s up, I’m not able to create any groups. Is there something I missed? I also wanted to test out deep integration. Are the old instructions for deep integration still relevant or are there new instructions?

    For instance, if I’m setting up bbpress, do I need to go through the whole install and set up the cookies, keys, and salts and THEN integrate with bp or will bp handle that portion by itself?

    I really like the group forum setup but i also want to have some forums that are for general or misc categories that I can’t see a reason to create a group for. I’ve seen some people asking and I know that the ones I’ve seen have said that if you want ANY forums that won’t belong to a group, you have to go deep integration route but has anyone thought of any workarounds?

    Thanks guys.

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