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1.5.7 broke my site :( call to undefined function error on most pages

  • craftcore


    Hello! I just upgraded to 1.5.7 from 1.5.6. My site now has the following error on it:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_get_profile_field_data() in /home/craftcore/ on line 53

    Example article with the error:

    My activity feed is now blank.
    My member list is now blank.
    My individual member profiles are blank.

    Needless to say, my site is completely broken.

    My site relies extensively on extended profile fields. Did something change with bp_get_profile_field_data() ? I read in the changelog that it was a minor update involving the sanitization of input… I use this function on every page of my site to determine if the user has certain needs….I really need it to work!

    Here is an example of how I use the extended profle info outside of the profile (nothing fancy here):


    • Follow <a href="”>@ on Twitter.
    • `

      (If they filled in a certain field, display that field. In other cases, I make variables true or false to determine if ads should display, if certain content should display, etc.)

      How can I use bp_get_profile_field_data() ?

      Thank you! I hope someone can help me…I’d really like to go back to 1.5.6, but I can’t find the files to download to revert back…

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  • modemlooper


    Did you upgrade on your live site? Never do this. Always have a testing setup so you avoid these situations.

    Revert back to 1.5.6

    bp_get_profile_field_data() still exists in 1.5.7. Double-check:

    * is the BuddyPress plugin active?
    * Is there a nag message near the top of the plugins screen with a message “BuddyPress has been updated! Please run the update wizard”? If so, run through the update wizard.



    Thank you for the quick replies! The plugin didn’t reactivate, so as soon as I reactivated everything was fine. (Feeling quite silly, hehe.)

    That’s good advice, Modemlooper, I really should set up a testing site. Is the best thing to do to merely make a copy of my entire site’s directory in a subdirectory and update from that subdirectory first for testing purposes? Or should I make an entirely different dummy site in a subdirectory (different mysql database) altogether? Any input on that subject would be great!



    I create a dummy install on same server. Use a separate database.

    You should block this from search bots and put it in a permanent maintainence mode so no one can see it. I then add all the plugins that are on the real site. This will allow you to test on same server before you go live. Some site admins may do local test on computer but I prefer real world tests on the actual server/host site is on.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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