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1.5 beta2 – Activity and member pages redirecting

  • This is PROBABLY a theme issue, but any advice would be helpful :)

    Solved my other problems, now I have the weird issue where /activity and individual profiles redirect. This seemed to also cause me to be unable to update any activity in groups too so, basically, since I was crippled I rolled back after the following:

    1) Turned off all plugins (except BP and BP template pack)
    2) Copied up the bp-core/theme files and overlaid them manually
    3) Checked permissions (see my other error)
    4) Renamed the activity page from Activity to ‘What’s New’ (slug ‘news’) – This actually had NO effect. Didn’t rename bupkis and the /news page just died.

    I’m going to spend more time on this later. For now, I’m duplicating my entire site, but if anyone has ideas… I know the theme is a good, generally BP friendly theme. Never had an issue before now!

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  • Boone Gorges


    `/activity and individual profiles redirect.`

    This sounds like a theme issue. Maybe you missed some theme files when you copied them over manually? Does switching back to bp-default solve it?

    `Renamed the activity page from Activity to ‘What’s New’ (slug ‘news’) – This actually had NO effect. Didn’t rename bupkis and the /news page just died.`

    What do you mean it didn’t rename bupkis? Did WP properly save your changes? What do you mean the /news page “died” – white screen, 404, or what? Did you have a previously existing page called ‘news’ (your suggestion that the page “just died” suggests that you did)?

    Yeah I figured it was a theme, so I spun up a whole new install at Activity works, member profiles works. Begin head hitting desk.

    As for the bupkis thing.

    When I make a new page named ‘news’ (which I had … 2 months ago, but deleted it) or even ‘whats-new’ on it’s own, the page works.

    If I make that the Activity page, it redirects again.

    Okay, no matter what slug I use, the Activity page redirects. It DOESN’T (i.e. it works just fine) on a fresh install with all the same plugins.

    I’m wondering if this is related to how I had to force define the bp-upload-dir (yes, it’s THAT install).

    No errors in error_log of course.

    If you think it’s a theme, you could try emptying functions.php to remove any custom code in there?

    Have you just tried renaming your /activity page, or have you tried creating a brand new page, and then assigning that to the Activity component?

    The weird thing was that with a copy of the theme it worked fine.

    And the problem persists no matter what the page for Activity is named. I tried both renaming it and making a brand new page.

    Since I forgot to test that last night… Same problems exist on the bp-default theme! Okay, now we’re cookin’ with heat.

    Disabled my functions.php (renamed .txt) and the problem remains.

    Stripped the site down to JUST BuddyPress and the BP Default theme, same problem.

    I’m going with ‘My install is bollixed’

    Boone Gorges


    `I’m going with ‘My install is bollixed’`

    Could well be, though it’d be helpful to know what bollixed it, as that might give us a sense as to whether BP could work around the bollixing.

    Your ‘activity’ renaming issue: Does that happen when you rename the pages corresponding to *other* components, eg groups or members? How about the weird redirect thing?

    When you corrected the permissions thing, did you chmod with the -R flag, to make sure that the changes were made all the way through the buddypress file tree?

    Your ‘activity’ renaming issue: Does that happen when you rename the pages corresponding to *other* components, eg groups or members? How about the weird redirect thing?

    No, I can rename other components just fine. I renamed register to joinsite and it worked.

    I did the -R flag.

    As for ‘how badly screwed up IS this site?’ well… It was WP 1.5 upgraded through to 2.8. Around the 2.5 era it had bbPress integration. At 2.9.2 I moved it to WPMU, THEN upgraded to WP 3.0 MultiSite. For 3.1, I realized I didn’t need multiple sites and undid it to SingleSite. Then I was wrong, redid MultiSite, upgraded to 3.2 and here we are. If your head spun around, don’t worry. It’s not just you!

    So right now I’ve rebuilt it from the ground up, currently sans BuddyPress. Frankly, I’m pretty sure the issue is NOT BP, since my localhost site, with the same theme etc, worked just fine.

    Boone Gorges


    Hee hee. OK. I wish that I could guarantee that BP will work on even the wackiest setup, but the fact is that you may have so many rewrite rules, canonical URLs, and other gobbledygook in your installation, that it’ll just be impossible to get working right. Thanks for you patience, anyway :)

    Yeah, that was pretty much where it hit the wall last night ;) (I did kill my old .htaccess but that didn’t help). Canonical rules and gobbledygook in the DB are my odds on favorite. I’ve got the site back up and running, and I’m checking with the site members as to their preferences about BuddyPress etc. They may just say ‘screw it’ since only about 50 of ’em really used it.

    Prasad Nevase



    I have setup WordPress MU with BuddyPress across the network. I am facing same issue. My Activity tab is redirecting to home page. Even, when I click on any member’s name it does not take me to his profile and instead redirect me to home page. Any idea why is this happening. I would be very thankful if you guys help me out.

    Thanks in advance.

    Prasad Nevase


    @boonebgorges, I would be much thankful of you if you could help me out here. I have mentioned the problem statement above. Thanks in advance :)

    here is the solution for the problem:

    Old thread is old.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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