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1.6 upgrade – users see comments pending for site blog in toolbar

  • djsteveo


    Finally did the latest wp and bp upgrade. Got the whitescreen of death upon bp upgrade – narrowed it down to the “buddypress like” plugin I think – hopefully someone will make a form of that important, but now missing component.

    Strange thing that may be a bug – with the bp toolbar merging into wp toolbar, now all of my users see in the toolbar “12 pending comments” – which of course they have none, but the site main and only blog does have 12 pending comments. When the click the 12 they do not get to see the comments that are pending which is good.

    I am running this BP install as non-multi-site – but all users I think are given author ability by default (as I had it set as a group blog wp originally, then added buddypress a year later. Not sure if this should be added to bug tracker.

    Congrats to all the devs btw – looking at the list of things that were tackled for this 1.6 release – wow – you guys have been hammering it out big time!

    ps – still no way to search the forums it seems.. sigh.. I did check the tags for comments so as to try to avoid a duplicate post – I hope no one has mentioned this issue yet, if so forgive me, I still can’t figure out how to search this thing.

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  • I don’t think what you describe with the pending comments notification is a bug. As you say, if a user has a certain level of permission on a blog, then they might have enough permission to moderate comments. I figure you can test this easily by bumping one of those users down to a subscriber or a contributor role and see if it goes away for them.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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