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10 000 users on WPMU and trying to activate BP

  • thomasmoen


    I pressed activate site-wide for about 8 hours ago and it still loading. I have over 10 000 users so I understand it takes some time. But has the activation failed? The browser window is still loading.

    Hoping for a quick response.

    Regards, Thomas

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  • The time taken activating the plugin shouldn’t depend on the number of users you have on your site. Most web browsers time out after >60 seconds-ish anyway so I can’t imagine it’s still doing anything productive.



    Ok. Is it any way I can active it trough the database?

    Not really. I suggest you navigate to /wp-admin/ and see if it shows the plugin as active.



    Now it won’t load wp-admin at all. What kind of tables should buddypress have created? What’s their names?

    And, thanks for helping me! :)

    I literally have to go to work after this post but:

    To fix your site, rename your plugins directory to anything else i.e. ‘aardvark’. Load admin again, it should load up OK. Rename ‘aardvark’ back to plugins. You’ll have to re-activate any existing plugins. Once those have been done, try activating BP site-wide again.

    BP v1.0.3 tables are:

    wp_bp_activity_sitewide,wp_bp_activity_user_activity,wp_bp_activity_user_activity_cached,wp_bp_friends, wp_bp_groups,wp_bp_groups_groupmeta,wp_bp_groups_members,wp_bp_groups_wire,wp_bp_messages_messages,wp_bp_messages_noticeswp_bp_messages_recipients,wp_bp_messages_threads,wp_bp_notifications,wp_bp_user_blogs,wp_bp_user_blogs_blogmeta, wp_bp_user_blogs_comments,wp_bp_user_blogs_posts,wp_bp_xprofile_data,wp_bp_xprofile_fields,wp_bp_xprofile_groups,wp_bp_xprofile_wire,

    Safe to delete as you haven’t used BP yet. Also these records in wp_sitemeta:

    Any “meta_key” beginning with “bp-” i.e. bp-core-db-version, bp-friends-db-version.

    If you don’t remove those meta_key records, then BP will think it’s already installed and won’t install itself again.

    Before you activate BP again, open up your web server error log in a window and see if you get any specific messages when you try to run.

    Also, versions of WPMU and BP you are you trying to install here will help us help you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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