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%1$s posted an update in the group %2$s

  • aconstantino


    Hello everybody
    I noticed today that in all of my groups there’s a problem with the posts: whenever an user posts something to a group, instead of showing the user’s display name it shows a zero and the icon of the group. (

    So, the phrase is supposed to be [*user name* posted an update in the group *group name*] but what it shows is [0 *icon* posted an update in the group *group name*].
    I’ve checked the translation plugin that we have installed and the code is [%1$s posted an update in the group %2$s] and it is well translated to our language, with all the right codes. I’ve tried to delete the translation but it still shows the same thing, no changes.
    However, in the same page, I can see another update such as [*user name* created the group *group name*] and I can see that it also uses the [%1$s] code for showing the name of the user but this one actually works. (

    I don’t know what kind of problem is going on with the other one.
    I can’t really share the website because it’s on a private network but you can check the links above with the prints.

    Thank you!

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