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2 languages , multisite?

  • mynde


    Hello wodpress gurus!, a fellow wordpress newbie here . I have a couple of quick questions , i couldnt figure it out in couple of days, so frustration is kicking in, maby you could help and clear some things up! Thank you in advance!
    1. I’m now sure what is the best option to translate a website, not posts, just different menu textst and different plugin text by user choise or by locale.
    I’v tried setting up multisite, but it really is a big fuss, since i need, 4 different languages , so creating 4 different sites and managing every pages widget etc. seems a big deal.
    2. Would it be possible having 4 sites, and 1 main site , from wich you can manage all other sites behaviour, for example (A- main site) if i add a widget in site A , then a widget adds in site B,C,D .
    Thats it ! Thank you very mutch for assitance, and sorry for poor english.

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