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2 sites, shared userbase?

  • sfarinsky



    We are trying to build our sites, currently, I have multisite and I guess a network (still trying to wrap my head around this). We have buddypress and bbpress on the secondary forum site. Here’s what we’re looking to accomplish:

    2 sites, main shop/site, forum
    Both have different domains

    -single sign-on
    -same user credentials
    -potential social integration with facebook

    Users can buy our products from main site, post about them on forum from same name, etc.

    Sounds simple, but we are having the hardest time!!

    Is this possible? If so, how do we achieve this? I have scoured the internet looking for answers and am having no such luck.

    Also, is it possible to have login without the WordPress page? Would like this as seamless as possible.

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  • Hi @sfarinsky! Let’s get the terminology right, that may be why you’ve had struggle searching for answers.

    A Multi-Site is a collection of individual Sites (blogs). A Multi-Site runs inside one Network. It is possible to have Multi-Networks, which lets you run multiple Networks — all from the same set of WordPress files.

    Multi-Networks are not exposed by default, and require extra plugins to enable and manage (they’re a fairly advanced option; I have no idea how they work, to be honest).

    So, yes. You have a multisite and a network (though the latter is normally a technicality). 🙂

    Single Sign-On (SSO) should “just work”. Multiple domains should also “just work”, though you need to have a plugin that helps you achieve SSO across a multiple domain environment (because WordPress sets authentication cookies per-site, and cookies set on one site can’t be read from another site).

    If your question is how do you get domain mapping and single sign-on, I’d suggest this plugin:

    Hope this helps

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