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2 things I need can you help?

  • robbie778


    I absolutely love buddypress. Compared to all other software’s I have tried this tops it all. But I am in need of 2 things which I think Is holding it back.

    1. What I am looking for is part of the comments box and i’m sure it is possible. I am looking to remove the comments button (comments) and automatically have a comments box at the bottom of every post just like facebook. To understand what I am talking about at this point I have shared a link to a picture mockup of what I mean below…

    example 1

    2. The comment replies problem. I have noticed it only allows 5 replies to comments max and the comment replies move about 10px across fromt he one they are replying too. Is is possible to have unlimited replies and have the replies all directly under one another instead of going in a diagonal direction as it goes off the page when in mobile view.

    If the replies can be unlimited or a lot greater than 5 is there anyway of putting a button after about 10 comments and replies saying load more comments… for example like facebook after so many comments it has a load more comments link.

    The diagonal thing I have uploaded a picture to show what I mean and where I need it all under one another and not straying off the page especially because of mobile view and mobile browsers.

    Example 2

    I don’t know of anyone who can do custom work via buddypress but if anyone can and is willing to take on a custom job please let me know.

    My version of wordpress is 4.7.5
    My buddypress version is 2.8.2

    Hope there is someone who can help or direct me to be able to do this. Look forward to replies.


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