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2nd Registration form

  • Kuma20



    I need to add buddypress 2nd registration form but without email or password. just username may be, with some custom fields.

    Example: Teacher register from main register plugin and add students ( using 2nd register form) to the database, students also will have profiles with these data.

    Is this something possible, buddypress can do? Any plugins?


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  • danbp


    Not out of the box.
    By default, a wp site is managed by roles.
    Site admin, editors and so on…

    Members management, including registering new user directly on admin dashboard (outside of the normal registering process) is only allowed for site admins and editors.

    Another solution could be to use some conditionnal fields with help of a plugin. But before giving more information for that, please give more details about what you plan exactly and the context of the site.

    For example, why must the teacher register his students ? Sounds a bit strange to me.



    Thanks for your reply.

    I added the 2nd register form using a plugin. but still email, username and password are there as default fields. How to remove them only from one register form? to identify, add an ID or something.. (Because obviously, the teacher doesn’t know them )

    FYI: Teachers may need to add students because to show their results/marks throughout the year to manage their progress



    Which plugin did you use for the 2nd register page ?

    WP need for any user, a username, an email and a password. That’s mandatory even if you have 2 or 50 register page.

    If you use only BP’s default register page and add a select box where you can choose Teacher or Student, you can afterwards give teachers a role of editor. That’s do able with built-in member_type

    Also, depending the role with help of conditionnal field plugin, you can show fields for teachers only, for students only or both.

    Another solution would be to add manually the teachers directly from within the admin. Usually, a school has less teachers as students. This shouldn’t be to difficult to add 10 or 20 teachers. This can also be handy as you can give them a lower capability (ie author) and attribute “editor” to only one or two of them, which will be in charge of students registering and dispatching. So in fact, only students have to register from front-end.

    Another alternative would be to use what’s described here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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