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3 questions

  • Anonymous

    Hi I just installed buddypress on my site

    ^ main site

    ^ buddyy press

    Question one?

    I have a few users who joiend and created a blog, but when they created a blog they cannot add posts to the community, and such…

    Question 2

    In the profile demo

    It shows the profile

    and well, it shows about, interestes and stuff, how do i add these to my thing

    It just says base” and my name

    Question 3

    I installed facebuddy theme but it wont show?

    I installed all files in bh themes and themes?

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  • Sgrunt


    hi airblastor, i can reply about facebuddy.

    you must activate the home theme in order to view it.

    for the member theme…go in the admin panel:buddypress and be sure to select it from the menu.

    be sure you’ve downloaded the facebuddy version that suits your BP release


    i think i installed it wrong, how do i install facebuddy

    i installed it by bringing

    facebuddy theme

    and facebuddy members theme to bp theme

    and themes folder in my ftp?

    how do i install themes

    Jeff Sayre


    Home themes need to be located in:


    Member themes need to be located in:


    Read this for more info:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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