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404 Error in Wp Admin

  • sphyffer


    Hi there
    This is an issue that has been plaguing us for some months now and we finally manage to get some time to investigate what is causing it. We get these random 404 errors when working in the wp-admin. For instance, setting up users, installing plugins etc. Every minute or so a 404 error occurs and we need to refresh.
    After deactivating all the plugins and activation each plugin 1 by 1 we saw that it is buddypress causing it. I deleted the whole plugin and re-downloaded it but the problem still persists. The only reason I can think of is maybe the buddypress PHP configuration does not play well with our current VPS setup and I need to either find a fix from the authors or maybe move hosting which I would rather not do.
    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!Our website has 10000 users, I would hate to have any more down time.

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