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404 error on bp links

  • claud925


    So basically my problem is that the buddypress links (activity, groups, members,etc) go to a 404 page.

    Im pretty sure the problem its my server or my permalink structure (cause it is really weird). I had my page working on a localhost and it was working perfectly, but when I upload the files to the server, the 404 problem began to occur.

    My permalink structure is like this: /index.php/%postname% I know its weird, but my server configured it that way, cause in the other ways it didnt worked, not sure why. (I can see some futher configuration on my permalink structures with the plugin AskApache Rewrite Rules, but all the adresses are basycally /wordpress/index.php/wathever)

    I tried to access the buddypress links this way /wordpress/index.php/activity, but that didnt work either. So, anyone has an idea on how to fix this to work?

    I know there are similar topics about this same problems, but i though it would be good to open a new one cause the specific things that i got with this issues.

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  • claud925


    Well reading my configuration my server doesnt got the using_mod_rewrite_permalinks, maybe thats the problem? if it is how could i fix it ?



    Well, I will answer myself :P some further searching in the forums and I find the solution for my problem.

    I just use this patch :)



    Well… it almost worked. The main links were working ok, but in the admin bar, the links were still the old ones like wordpress/members/, and also in the members page, the users urls to their profile were having the same problems.



    Hi – did u solve this problem? I cannot see any code to use in your link. I just moved my BP1.2.3./WP 3.0 (theme = twentyten) from local to live server. All the BP links were working fine on my computer, but strangely I cannot get anything BP related to work on my live site. I have tried deleting the BP Db tables, reinstalling etc. but I just cannot work it out. Why would it make any difference on live server? The BP directories and files are in the same relative positions…very frustrated. Wd really appreciate some help. Thanks

    Boone Gorges


    @drmunden Like @claud925 said, it’s probably a permalink issue. What are your settings at Dashboard > Settings > Permalink? BuddyPress will not work with permalinks set to the default option. On your live server, do WP pretty (ie non-default) permalinks work without BP activated? If not, it’s likely that your host does not have the proper modules to allow for permalink rewrites, and you should contact them to ask whether they can enable it.

    Thanks for quick reply @boonebgorges , but I’ve tried all the permalink options. A couple of things that might help to identify the problem: 1) If I create a link, this finds the BP activity index page but subsequent links within that page revert to 404’s e.g. or any other. This seems to indicate that BP is in the wrong directory? and 2) When I use /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/ permalinks, I get returns a 404. Please note that with all other pages and links generated via WordPress Dashboard works fine with or without BP installed. I use Siteground ( who I am sure have rewrite mods enabled. Do you think I should copy BP files into a higher directory away from my theme directory? Should I load a BP functions file into the root directory like the Forum component (e.g. public_html/bb-config.php)?
    One other thing : when I copied from my home PC using FIlezilla, I copied into the www directory, not into the public_html directory. I am not sure what the www directory does? Does it replicate whatever is in the public_html? Hope you cn help.

    A further q: I have searched but cannot find a clear tutorial or advice on doing a clean reinstall of Buddypress. I have tried deactivating BP, then dropping all BP tables, then reinstalling the plugin etc. and it still doesn’t linkup. I think I’ve got some sort of code hanging around from my local PC files which were copied to my live server. Can anyone show me the right way to start again, and clean out all BP files? Thanks

    Jeff Sayre



    How did you install BP? BuddyPress needs to live in the /plugins directory, nowhere else. First, if your site is live, if it is a production site that has data you need to save, then make sure you have completely backed up your database and all files before beginning. If your site is a test site, a development site with no data worth saving, then you can skip that step.

    Next, deactivate all plugins except BuddyPress. Then deactivate BuddyPress. Next, remove BuddyPress from the /plugins directory. Manually download and reinstall BuddyPress following the directions provided in the readme.txt file.



    me too i have this problem i installed buddypress many times and i changed the peramlinks but all the links show me 404 not found



    I also have the same problem 404 object not found.
    after 1 day trying whatever advice I found in the net, i solved my problem.
    Here i summary some step that you may try:

    1. change permalink to others than default.
    2. make sure your .htaccess is correct as per advice.
    3. make sure your apache enabled mod rewrite.
    4. make sure your apache config have directory configured to enable “Options FollowSymLinks” & “AllowOverride All” (*this is the step that i miss and cost me 1 day of headache).

    good luck.
    ~sharing is caring

    What do you do when it’s not all your links but only some of them and there is no pattern to it like old vs. new or a specific group or member?



    @helmi how would i go about making sure 3 and 4 are done?

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