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404 Error on buddypress links

  • I have searched the forum for about a week now. I’m having the same error that I see in a lot of the topics, the 404 page not found error. I have seen some poster talk of setting the Permalink to custom but Im not sure what to put in the box after setting it to custom. Also I did notice once changing the Permalink, one setting would make the BP likes all go to the home page and a different setting would make the links all say “404 error page not found”. Any help would be appreciated.

    Some stats

    1 WP 2.92

    2 WP is in a subdirectory install

    3 WP was functioning properly before installing

    4 buddypress Version 1.2.3

    5 Im using the standard BuddyPress themes

    6 I have not modified the core and have no custom function

    7 Im using yahoo hosting the site is

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  • adiallo


    I am having the same problem, I’ve been reading different thread and event started my own but nobody seems to know what is the problem.

    We need the BP gurus to help us out please.

    Boone Gorges


    @suave74 – Any permalink setting other than the default should work. Pick the second one, Day and Name, and see if you are successful.

    @Boone Gorges I just tried the second option Day and Name then clicked save changes, then test my site and I get the same results 404 error on BP links page not found

    Mabve you host doesn’t have .htaccses file and doesn’t suport mod_rewrite commands…

    I”m manaurlly created .htaccses file and BP is work for me im using eu5 hosts

    Im very new to buddypress can you tell me what I need to do with a .htaccses file? @justuix



    I think it’s yahoo problem because we don’t have access to .htaccess file and they cannot change it for you …. I guess the choice now is either to change host or try to figure out something else

    @adiallo do you have yahoo as a host as well?



    yes I have yahoo host as well, same configuration as you. but yahoo won’t change it themselves and they don’t give us access, it is their rules. So if there is no other way around to fix this without the .htaccess file we cannot do nothing. I hope there is another way to solve this, let me know if you find anything.

    @adiallo thats no good did you try to call there customer support Im gonna try that tomorrow I been with yahoo for about 6 years and I had a php forum or a photo album installed and I remember I had to change something with the .htaccess file I was able to do it back then. Now after reading there rules I see they dont allow you to edit or even see an .htaccess file.

    Well I just got off the phone with yahoo and they wont let you edit the file and they wont edit it them selfs so my question is there any other way to get this plug in to work with out access to the .htaccess file?



    I called them too they said they cant do it …. I am hoping there is another way to make it work without that file. I am going to try a new clean install see if it help or no.



    I have the same problem but a different setup. The site is hosted by, so I can edit the .htaccess file (or create one if necessary)–if I could learn what the .htaccess file should say. In my root directory is an installation of WordPress MU. The domain does not yet point to’s name servers so I must access the WP installation and the wp-admin files via the IP address. This works fine and I don’t want to mess what I have there. In a subdirectory off the root, I did an installation of BuddyPress. http://[ipaddress]/~username/subdir shows me the front page of Buddypress the default theme. But all of the links result in 404 errors. They are looking for http://[ipaddress]/~username/subdir/activity or http://[ipaddress]/~username/subdir/members, etc. and those directories don’t exist. What am I doing wrong? TIA!



    I will answer my own question. I called tech support at and the second guy I spoke with was very helpful. He looked at the .htaccess file in the /subdir and saw that SimpleScripts had not properly configured it. He edited line 2 to read:

    RewriteEngine On

    RewriteBase /~username/subdir/

    Substituting the actual username and subdir for the placeholders I wrote above.


    Well @adiallo if you do find out that you can get the BP links working with out having access to the .htaccess file make sure you let me know

    I had the same issue, and I am with yahoo web hosting also. I also have an account with a different web hoster, and when I installed Buddypress, I don’t have the issue at all. That’s the last straw with Yahoo. I am going to transfer my last site from yahoo. I have had a lot of other issues with them. Bye Bye Yahoo.



    Does anyone know if there are any other options out there?

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