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404 Not Found for all pages!

  • Hi all!
    I just installed BuddyPress 1.5 today for my WordPress and I cannot see pages other than the home page. I’m using a default BP theme. Whenever I click on links such as “Activity”, “Groups” etc ( Including “Register” ) I only get “404 Not Found” message.
    Did I forget to configure something or is this a bug? I checked all the options in the Dashboard and didn’t find anything suspicious.
    This is the first time I use BP, by the way.
    Any help is appreciated!

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  • Same problem. In my case, it gets worse. I can’t even access my admin account. I get a 500 error.

    @MajinSaha Hi. Did you complete the Install Wizard after activating BuddyPress? What type of server are you on (linux, windows)? Does your existing WordPress site use permalinks with “index.php” as part of the URL?

    @DJPaul Mr. Paul Gibbs, I think you’re the most qualified person I know here who could help me. I can’t get Buddy Press to work on my website.

    1. Installed Buddy Press. Activated it. During setting up stage, I was asked whether I would want to used Buddy Press template, integrate it to my existing theme, or do nothing (manually insert later). I chose to integrate. That’s when I was prompted to install the template pack.

    2. I installed the template pack. Activated it. Then, my website crashes. My web pages get 404 messages. My admin gets 500 error.

    3. I changed the template pack name as you suggested. It worked. I got back my admin. Sad to say, I still cannot get Buddy Press to work. I deactivated the template pack. Deleted it. Installed it again. Activated it. Then, when I activate the Buddy Press, my website crashes again.

    4. So, I deactivated the template. Deleted it. I deleted the Buddy Press (apparently, I cannot deactivate it since it’s status is not activated, but I did activate it). Anyway, I went back to square one. I installed the Buddy Press. Activated it. Website crashes.

    5. I did a clean-up, to be sure. I deleted again Buddy Press and Template Pack. I even went out to deleted entries in my database (following instructions in your page on deleting Buddy Press). I wanted to start from scratch. When I went through everything again, my website still crashes.

    Basically, I’m already clueless as to what’s the problem. Any suggestions/tips are very much welcomed.

    @Paul Gibbs
    Thanks for your answer!
    1) I did complete the install Wizard ( the one consisting of 6 steps, right? ).
    2) I am on my own machine running Wamp ( Windows + AMP ). My site has a URL in a form http://localhost/wordpress in a web browser.
    As for permalinks, I’m not quite sure what you mean. When I was asked for permalinks in the install Wizard, I checked “Year and month” option: year/month/sample-post. In the permalinks section of the Settings in the Dashboard I checked “Year and month” as well.
    So what do you think? Maybe the fact I’m running BuddyPress locally causes such results?

    Also, if you’re looking for connections with tigerjake’s post, I installed Template Pack but I DID NOT activate it. And after reading his post, I don’t think I will.

    We all develop locally, so it’s nothing to do with that. WAMP is also a fairly common environment, I was just trying to discount possible problems with IIS or less common server configurations.

    It could be a memory issue. What messages do you get in your web server’s error log (for the 500)? I’m wondering if, because Template Pack appears to have crashed, the BuddyPress installer never finished properly(??).

    Sorry, I’m mixing posts. Confusion central.

    Can you both check what’s in your web server’s error log for any helpful looking error messages. Ask your host if you don’t know how to do this.

    Buddypress 1.5 new patch is a nightmare. I cannot see my activity, members or groups. I feel so low. I think we might need to revert to the previous version. I cannot access even my dashboard. They changed the colour of the header to lighter blue after many people might have customised the rest of the pages to match. What they should have done is put in another section for lighter blue so that you have the choice to change it. It is very stressful after putting in a lot of work and hours. They really need to investigate Buddypress thoroughly before releasing the patch

    I think we are all suffering from the change of version even the buddypress website.

    @Paul_Gibbs, the error I get is something like that:
    [Thu Sep 22 08:47:40 2011] [error] [client] File does not exist: C:/wamp/www/wordpress/register, referer: http://localhost:9080/wordpress/



    After you’ve installed BuddyPress, what happens when you switch to the bp-default theme?
    In the WP dashboard, navigate to “Appearance > Themes” after you have installed BuddyPress and select “BuddyPress Default 1.5”

    Do not activate BP Template Pack yet. What happens?

    Does BuddyPress function on the site?

    @r-a-y What happens is what I described above. I NEVER activated BP Template Pack. It’s only installed for future use, that’s all.

    Ok, the problem seems to be resolved. I enabled rewrite_module of my Apache server. Pages open now.

    Ah hah!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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