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4th crash; member directory learning, now in 2nd grade …

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    Using WPMU 2.7.1 & bp 1.0.2 w/ only 1 other plugin – admin bar deactivated.

    Experienced a 4th Buddypress system crash. Just created a new mysql db and uploaded and reinstalled. I am using aMember membership script to provide folder protection and an integrated plugin for login and data field updates. I suspect all the crashes had to do with the integrated external plugin overwriting the admin field.

    All 732 members are listed in the wp-users table as well as the wp_bp_xprofile_data table with the various profile fields.

    Issue: Click on Member Directory. First time after db insertion showed a total of 29 members by clicking on each letter of the alphabet. Slowly, after searching for terms, the Member Directory seems to be ‘learning.’ By this I mean that now there are three “z” listings whereas this morning there were none. Now there are six “w” listings whereas this morning there were none. I know from previous installations that there are something like 26 “w” listings.

    In previous installations, I seemed to resolve the Member Directory learning curve by switching from Facebuddy to Buddypress default theme. This time I have not installed Facebuddy.

    Any ideas? Again, the db shows all the members are there. It’s just the Member Directory does not show them, and even in the lookup, it can’t find them.

    Thanks for considering this strange behaviour.


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  • If those users have not logged in since you installed BP, they will not show.



    Thanks for the reply.

    Wanted to make note of one other strange behaviour. To safeguard our members’ privacy (gay and lesbian sports site), all our members appear in Buddypress and in our website with only their login name. The external plugin member script passed the login name as the “Full Name” to avoid the breach of privacy.

    Now the strange twist: any login name click from the member directory or even the home page that is actually two words, say ‘VW Bug’ with no underscore inbetween returns to the home page and not to the user’s profile. All one word logins, or logins with underscores inbetween, or logins with d.x.batman return the user’s profile.

    Very strange.



    Jeff Sayre



    This is almost like a sci-fi movie! The system continues to learn, and not from users logging in to the system. At 3 pm, there were 250 members listed in the Member directory by counting each of the listings for all of the letters. By 7:30 pm, there were 300 members listed in the Member directory. Since our Buddypress folder is login protected, no one has accessed the yet to be announced social network.

    But I am also shocked by something else – user avatars are starting to populate the member directory profiles and yet because of our member login script, I can see who has logged in to our website and it has been all of three people this afternoon.

    This makes me think there is some external wordpress connection where people who have a wordpress account somewhere else have their avatars associated with an identical email to those profiles in our Buddypress installation.

    This would also give logic to Andy’s explanation that the member’s appear after they have logged in. If those members are wordpress enabled somewhere else and are logging in, perhaps their profiles are suddenly populating the Member Directory.

    Does that make sense? I certainly hope so because otherwise I will freak that there is a security breach in the system.

    – Brian

    Avatars are auto loaded via Gravatar if they have one.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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