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A BuddyPress "Open in new window" admin option for member site visits

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    Kevin M. Schafer


    WP 3.5.1 BP 1.6.4

    It would be great if BuddyPress would provide the option for the admin to enable “Open in new window” when a member clicks on another member’s sub site link — or when the Admin clicks on a sub site link. I don’t like using my browser back button, and sometimes I just want to look at something and not have to navigate back to my own site. This feature would allow members to easily have two sites/blogs open at the same time.

    I don’t think you ever want someone to leave your site, and if it means another window opening to keep them at your site, so be it.

    This could be a setting apart from WordPress itself. BuddyPress already personalizes WordPress, so how about an Admin feature to choose how windows open when any possible link would mean a person leaving the home site?

    This is just an idea.



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