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a couple of how tos

  • Nirok


    hey all, I was after the file which deals with logging in. If a user goes to the home page and logs in they then return back to the homepage. If I would like them to navigate to another page which file would i edit to do this? I know it should be simply adding in the address of the page i want – well i’m hoping its that simple.

    Also i’m wanting to edit the admin bar, I know where its located but just wondering the best way to customise it. Should I do it from the bp-core files or can I customise it within my template? and just one other issue i’ve been wondering about is can i add the “structure.css” found in the bp-core folder to my template .css file? at present i have just edited this structure.css file to change some profile field sizes but just wondering if you can just copy and paste these into your custom.css file… obviously i have tried this however it doesn’t seem to have worked … i’m fairly new to this program so still playing around with its structure quite abit,

    Thanks for any help


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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