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A couple Straight Forward Questions

  • Hopefully and easy question, is a private group able to have private group conversations? Would that be the order of operations to having private group interaction? I suppose all conversations by a private group are private by default?

    Related to the above, would an admin be able to sign up / set up individuals with accounts on Buddypress AND create the private groups?

    I’m researching this for a client, Buddypress would be inside a members area and private interaction between professionals would be a feature. I’m also looking at phpBB.


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  • With a little looking around I think I’ve answered my own questions, but I’ll reply to myself in case it helps others:

    – yes, you can have private groups that have private conversations

    – I’m not sure if the admin can sign up individuals from the admin and start private conversations from the admin, but I’m thinking if the admin had an account they could start groups and discussions like a regular user, and being a member of those areas can be an advantage.

    A full admin can do everything… including creating new users.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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