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A Few Problems

  • Vast HTML


    Just wanted to list some things i am noticing.

    1: Search is pointless, every time i use a search bar it just comes up empty even when i search for the exact title or phrase.

    2: The a-z button directory is also pointless has it never seems to work. It just sets there loading but never does anything at all.

    3: My users keep getting page not found anytime they try to access there blog or do anything in the admin panel.

    4: And why is it that when i create a user the users blog is the same has the admins blog, does this go by I.P

    5: The information like the birthday, name and about me that a user fill out during sign up is pointless since it never saves and must be re entered once they log in from the edit profile page.

    6: under members and groups the active, newest, and popular links do not work, they just show the loading image but never do anything

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Viewing 26 replies (of 26 total)
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