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A few questions before I install buddypress

  • cip6791



    I need a good community platform. I m ! very familiar with buddypress that s why I hope someone can answer my questions:

    What I m trying to build:

    A user community which will be separated into groups. Each user will only be able to interact with users from his/her group. I will also need to allow certain users to see and interact with more than one group. Activity stream will be limited to the group. These will be some sort of moderators/administrators. I would like to manually specify these permissions. When I add a new user, I want to be able to add him/her to whatever group I want.

    Allow users to input data which will be stored in a custom table and generate individual reports for each user based on that data. Reports will be in the user’s profile.

    How many users can I have in buddypress before experiencing performance issues?

    That s pretty much it. Can I accomplish what I need with buddypress?


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