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A html5, mobile first responsive version of BuddyPress default

  • Tammie Lister


    I didn’t feel this would work as a ticket as not directly related to the project but would like to get core dev and community feedback if possible.

    I plan on working on a html5, mobile first responsive version of BuddyPress default. Ideally this would be a ground up theme taking the styling but redoing a lot of the styles.

    Other ideas could be build in some simple theme options like Twenty-Eleven does. This was something @modemlooper suggested and is a cracking feature I think. I would like to underline this would not be a framework that is not at all the aim in this.

    I can’t see it being a suggestion for a patch to default as some styles will have to be changed and ideally this should be done form ground up to make mobile first and updated.

    A few questions though:

    – Core devs, would a theme like this be considered to go into core or should it be done with a view to go in the theme repo?

    – A more community opinion question: Would it be better to do as in the style of default or as a Skeleton theme little to no styling more of a toolbox for designers/developers?

    – To that matter if it does take all the styling but isn’t a child theme is this ok to do? Links to the theme would be made of course but checking. It would not be sold it is purely to give back to community.

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  • While you’re thinking about this, remember that 1.7 is going to have templating like bbPress has.

    > Other ideas could be build in some simple theme options like Twenty-Eleven does.
    Decisions, not options.



    I don’t think it will be an issue later on as bbpress is using the page.php templates and get_template to output content. So as long as page.php is included it should work even better on various screens. The main issue when dealing with mobile and WordPress/BuddyPress is header(nav) and sidebar.

    Maybe bp-default should be rebuilt from ground up with mobile in mind for 1.7’s templating?

    Boone Gorges


    Whether/whenever theme compatibility is fully implemented in BP, bp-default will have to stay around, in some form or other, for the purposes of backward compatibility. If the kind of rewrite that you’re talking about is able to maintain this backpat, I don’t see any reason why what you’re proposing couldn’t become part of bp-default itself.

    “Decisions not options” is a nice general strategy, but I’m unwilling to dismiss the possibility of including some well-chosen theme options just because of that strategy. If you can come up with some simple options that help you achieve your goals, please feel free to pitch them.

    As for your last question, bp-default is licensed under the same GPL as the rest of BP, so you can do whatever you’d like with it :)



    I would do it as another theme bundled in the plugin if its getting put into core. I suggested header/ no header and left or right sidebar as options.

    I believe the best way is to not update BPDefault in 1.7, keep it bundled with core (for now), and ship an all-new theme. BPDefault is pretty old now.

    Tammie Lister


    First up hoorah to the 1.7 meaning bbPress like templating!

    I do like the idea of a new theme in 1.7 then to reflect that. A mobile first, brand spanking new theme – oh my that would rock.

    I second this! bp-default has grey hairs and is getting a little wrinkly ;)

    @karmatosed Sounds Awesome! Cant wait :)

    1. (not a core dev) but i think that really depends on the end quality, right? ;) If it provides alot of value to buddypress and the community, i couldn’t see a reason it couldn’t be considered.
    2. i personally prefer skeletons.
    3. I wouldn’t mind either way…

    On the topic of a new default theme: Why dont we make a Buddypress version of Twenty Twelve? (assuming 1.7 will be released in 2012).

    Five reasons:
    1. Keep default themes consistent with other WP Foundation projects (both bbpress and wordpress use themes from the Twenty’s series)

    2. Alot of tutorials on the twenty’s themes get created

    3. Plenty of child themes get created for the themes.

    4. The themes are apparently reviewed by the Automattic team (I trust them. do you?)

    5. It will already be half done… We will just need to create the buddypress specific stuff. Most of the theme-related bugs will be cleaned up by the wporg guys.

    6. (Bonus reason) The theme’s name will ensure we dont let the theme get “grey hairs and become a little wrinkly” again :)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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