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A little help with buddypress…

  • InfiniteLoop


    Holla guys!

    I apologize in advance if this question was asked before…

    So heres the deal, on my buddypress site I have some pdf files and i want to add an option so that a user can check the one which he/she has read.
    and then when he goes to his profile, he can also see what he has read…

    Please let me know if theres a plugin which does this? a plugin which can be modified to do this? or if i need to customize myself, where should i start?

    Also, i wish to add a drop down menu in the create a new topic as is in the forum. help me with that too!
    I have the latest version of buddypress and wordpress.

    This was my first post, looking forward to a start in a wonderful community!

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