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A New Subforum for Advanced Questions and Answers?

  • stwc


    @boonebgorges, @r-a-y, @mercime, @hnla

    Hey, I’ve kind of gotten resigned to this current design, despite the usability problems, not going away anytime soon, no matter how much I wish it would. I’ve used Stylish and Greasemonkey to try and hammer it into something legible and less annoying (for me at least), and come, if not to like it, at least to endure it. I think it’s driving new users away from Buddypress, to be honest, because it’s so painful to use. I’d love if the site were a real showpiece of what can be done with BP (while keeping the BP-testbed kept vanilla), not just out of the box, but with all kinds of sweet customization to make it sing. Or even just something like pagination at the bottom of pages. Or favoriting of threads. Or…. sigh. I’m not going to write another laundry list. If I had the site tools, I might be able to find the ones I wrote a year ago. ;-) OK, done with the passive-aggressive complaining. Sorry.

    What I’d really like to request, given the .org design status quo (or even if it changes in future), is a subforum for folks with questions that are a little more advanced, where those of us who know how to dig into the guts of WordPress, who are reasonably comfortable with BP already, with PHP and CSS and all that good stuff, can ask about and help others with the Harder Stuff.

    I have no problem with there being a massive number of HOW DO I MAEK WEB!!!?! questions from less experienced people filling up the front page of the forum — those folks need help too, more, arguably, than the rest of us.

    But it would sure be nice to have a subforum for Advanced Topics, don’t you think?

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  • Not a bad idea, not sure though that it would be that easy to add another support forum. I can see arguments against as well as for, it would need discussing a little further.

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