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A Nicer Way To Edit Group Slugs

  • tonydjukic


    I found an old plugin (… over 5 years since last update though) that allows for easy updating of group slugs… …was wondering if there was a more recent option and also wondering why this isn’t an existing option in BP the way it is in WP?

    I’m about to hand a site over to a client that, according to the people on my team that have worked with them before, are prone to errors… …so I’m fairly certain their going to name groups incorrectly when they create them and then end up calling me every time they notice the slug doesn’t match the name. I know I can do it in phpMyAdmin (already did earlier today) but would really just rather be able to include a “How to change the url of your group” in the documentation we’re providing them.

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  • Henry Wright


    Even though the plugin hasn’t been updated for 2+ years, it’s built by @jjj (BuddyPress project lead who knows BuddyPress inside out) so it will be well-written. If you do spot anything, open a support ticket on the plugin’s forum.



    Thanks @henrywright. I installed it and tested it out, doesn’t seem to be even slightest issue with it. @jjj should just push incremental updates that update compatibility so WordPress removes that ‘warning’ message – the plugin works great so it’s a shame that people new to BuddyPress (like myself) are scared away from it for no reason.

    Henry Wright


    Great to hear that @tonydjukic

    Just to point out, I seem to have got @johnjamesjacoby’s username wrong in my comment above. He seems to be @jjj everywhere else, just not on this forum 🙂



    Hi Guys! Have you solved your issue? Maybe you will try another plugin? We have listed one group plugin in the article here:

    Also, There are more nice plugins to help you. Hope you will solve the issue and Client will be happy:)


    Mod edit by r-a-y: Removed link to website. Your comment added no relevance to this thread and appeared to be just a post to promote your website’s services.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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