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A question about reposting in multisite

  • ryukoma


    Hello! I posted this 3 days ago but somehow it was removed from forum search. I guess it was the links. Anyways, I really love BuddyPress and its features. I want to expand upon these features so I can create a safe social site but BuddyPress currently lacks the features I am looking for. I would like to add these features either through the code or plugins. I have a few things to ask regarding this.

    1. is there a plugin or code that will enable users to “repost/reblog” posts (any post type) from one blog to their blog? “Press This” is not the feature I am looking for and does not work that way.

    2. is there a code or plugin for following blogs instead of profiles? If so, I want to disable user profile following and enable blog following instead.

    3. I want posts that are made in user blogs to show up (IN FULL, not excerpts) in activity feeds. For example, I am following a user who has 3 blogs. I am following their writing blog and they make a post to said blog. I want that post to show up in my activity feed because I am following that particular blog. Is there a code or plugin for this? My search has turned up nothing.

    4. Lastly, is there a plugin for the front-end editor that allows bold and italics and also an HTML editor mode?

    By using plugins I have figured out how to add replace friends with followers and redirect logged-in users to their activity feed but is there a code I can insert into BP to do this? I do not trust plugins because they tend to become outdated. Is there also a code for redirecting logged-out users back to the main page? (like twitter, facebook and tumblr usually do?)

    If anyone can help me on this please answer.
    Thank you!!

    The version of WordPress I am running is 4.4.2 with MultiSite enabled.

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  • ryukoma


    Hello? Can anyone at least help with reblogging? This is extremely important. The rest I can probably figure out.

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