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A second custom User page – to save info/progress to the user account.

  • zehriya


    Hello, I am new to using BuddyPress. I have a client who is interested in setting up a social platform. For the most part I understand how BuddyPress will handle most of the functionality that they need.

    However, there is one aspect that I am curious about. When a user is logged in they will have a private user page with options to manage their profile as well as a public profile page to be viewed by other members. In addition to this – my client would also like to include another Private profile type page that keeps track of the users progress and saves info/where they left off.

    To clarify this further, each member will have a journey dashboard. The journey dashboard is an area that will have a step by step “program” where users can go in start with step one and be able to take exercises/quizzes. If I create this/or use a plugin, will I be able save/link what they have done to their own account so that when they log back in they will only see their own progress and so on.

    It is also important to link to their account because I want to display certain aspects of this element on their profile pages. (Example – what step they are on – and recent exercises they have taken.)

    Thank you So much.

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