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An unique username in BuddyPress! Get rid of the “display name” of the user.

  • thomei



    BuddyPress requires an alternative user nams and generates a third:

    1) There is the WP-username

    2) BuddyPress invented “display name”.
    (All most very pointless feature, because users are unable to hide there WP-username?)

    3) To make it more confusing, there is an “at-@username” too.
    (It can differ from WP-Username in upper/lower case and in special characters!)

    It means three possibilities for different naming’s for the same user. We’ve got may support questions because user tried to login with the “display name”. Sometimes even with the “at-@username”.

    May questions:
    – Is there a way to get rid of the “display name” in general?
    If no:
    – Is there a way to force the “display name” to be identical to the WP-username?
    – Is there a way to sync the WP-username to the “display name”?
    – Is there a way to remove the “display name” from registration form?
    – Is there a way to remove the “display name” from the profile?

    We are looking for an unique username in BuddyPress.

    In general, it’s a really ugly idea of BuddyPress to mess with usernames like this.

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