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A user is listed 7 times in Member Directory

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  • The solution I found, was to delete database, and reactivate all plug ins + configuration of metadatas.

    It seems that i could be linked with massing around with profile field and/or plugin that work with the user creation processus,

    Now everything works well. But I have no idea why this appends.

    I suggest to implement an integrity check on the member database to avoid multiple same metadata created linked to one user.

    Humm, here it goes again : Following a connexion of a new user, my account appears now 14 times.
    At the same time, I activated plugins : DB Cache Reloaded Fix and Hyper Cache – Not sure this is linked, but just in case. I do have Mailpress installed too, if this can help too.

    For information, last time I had this, and before having a complete reinstall, I did deactivate all plug-ins and activate standard theme and the 7 identical users didn’t move away.

    It look like when someone register (first connexion), it create multiples records inside the database. I am not sure, how to identify this issue (I don’t handle dababase very well)

    Any ideas ?

    Did you follow the point I made in the other thread? It seems to be an issue with caching plugins – don’t use them unless you understand how they work and you really have need of them don’t install them just cos you like the sound of them.

    You will need to work out whether your caching is the root cause by running a few tests such as deleting extra users, re-enabling caching and attempting to replicate the error at will, then you should be fairly certain what plugin causes the issue.

    Hello Hugo,
    Many thanks for this information.
    Meanwhile, I notice that the occurrence comes from the “last_activity” Meta-Key from the “wp_usermeta” table. I delete the one associate to the user that appears many time and all is fine now.
    But it didn’t said why this happens.

    So ok for the cache, I am going to try to check attentively for the use of caching plugin. Keep in touch for feed back I will have (if so)

    Again many thanks for your return.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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