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[Resolved] Accepting Friends – Error message but does Accept

  • jdarmentrout


    I am testing a website and am about ready to roll it out. One element of the site is using the Accept Friend Request function.

    When I test this feature I get a mixed message response in a RED banner:

    “There was a problem accepting that request. Please try again.” And on the far right it states “Accepted.” And it was.

    In researching the Forums I can find only one place where this issue was noted. This was 20 months ago and there is no response from staff as to what the solution is.

    I am assuming that the problem has not been fixed and has been carried forward into each upgrade. This is not good.

    What is the fix short of me going to another software such as OXWALL?

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  • There are no ‘Staff’ this is an open source project and the forum is maintained by volunteers, in fact all involved are volunteers from lead /core developers to moderators, contributors and general kindly people that try and give advice, an important distinction to make.

    Problem? carried forward into each upgrade! that is a bit of an assumption and pretty unlikely to have happened.

    The fix revolves around first establishing that this is actually a bug, so change theme to twentytwelve , disable any plugins , and custom code and see if issue still persists, if it does raise a trac ticket if problem goes away then you have an issue in your customizations somewhere



    Hello Hugo,

    The product is being used out-of-the-box. No mods by me except to setup required areas per instructions.

    I am using Weaver II Pro with a variety of BuddyPress plugins.

    Of course, if I turn off Friends in the BuddyPress setup all is well.

    I fully understand that everyone is a volunteer. But, someone wrote the code. If this is a problem for me today, and was a problem for others in the past, what was the fix? Or did everyone give up? There were no replies that I saw from anyone that said “Oh! Here is what you have to do…”

    If you think that successfully posting an Acceptance and receiving an error message that says it wasn’t isn’t a bug, I would like to hear the definition.

    I will tell you that in my testing the product is perfect in every way, except for this one issue. Even if the message could be changed in the flag to say “Whoo-Wray” or something it would be better. Where do I find the messages?

    I badly want this product to work.

    Any words of wisdom?




    So, it is a bug with Weaver II Pro. TwentyTwelve works. But TweentyTwelve doesn’t hae a lot of funtionality. Now my works begins!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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