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Access Buddypress functions from template (bp_blogs_get_latest_posts)

  • vtblogmu


    Is there a way to access bp_blogs_get_latest_posts() and possibly other buddypress functions from outside buddypress’s core? I’d like to access that function for both widgets and wordpress templates but I get function undefined when I place it in the code and when It ry to include the php file it’s defined in everything in the theme that’s below the include breaks.

    edit: I just realized the function does not exist in the bp-blogs.php file even tough this link says it’s there:

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  • That’s not an offiical BP site. Those functions were removed in BP 1.2; you’re best off using WP functions to get whatever blog info you need.

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  • The topic ‘Access Buddypress functions from template (bp_blogs_get_latest_posts)’ is closed to new replies.
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