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Accessibility issue for blind users – BuddyPress login widget

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  • Hi @kenrichman We’re sorry to hear this, we are improving our accessibility on an ongoing basis.
    I can and will open a ticket for this issue and we’ll re-factor the widget markup however having had a quick look at this widget code we do adhere to expected standards i.e in providing labels & explicit label to input control linking, we don’t provide Aria attributes but these are not strictly meant to be used when html markup is correctly formed and described, we could add further title attribute to labels for screen readers to read but that is simply a supplement to the actual label text.

    It would help us if you could perhaps provide a little more detail on what Jaws is having an issue with, does it still have an issue if you switch to a simpler theme such as one of the twentysomething themes e.g. twentyfifteen.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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