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accessing bp data; user, group and blog “stats”.

  • andrewbird


    Hi all, thankyou for reading my question.
    I have been trying now, for two days, to find a function reference which will tell me how to do relatively simple things, like list all blogs, list a blog’s users, list a groups users, list a user’s sites, list a users groups and so on… All the things I have found feel very hard to get to grasps with, so if someone could write a few quick examples, with some good comment, I think they would be useful for all.
    (I’m trying to do this via a child theme; the child theme has a page template “page-test.php”, which calls functions.php from the child folder, and I am trying to write a function. For example “output_user_connections($user_id)” might list any users freinds, sites and groups… this is the kind of thing I am wanting to do.

    I hope that is clear,
    Many thanks,

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