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Accessing memebrs, blogs and groups link frm a sub-blog?

  • Cyclzone


    I am constructing a multi-blog site using Buddypress and want to have all my sub blog to sites share a common interface(buddypress theme that has the members, blogs and groups links working. Whenever I use the themes for sub-blog those links link to url with the sublgo URL intead of going to the main blog links and as such do not return the pages I want. Is there afix for this that I can apply to the theme itself to correct the ?

    Here’s what I need…

    If I am a visitor to a sub-blog located at say and I click on the mebers link it diplays a blank page when I wnat it to dispaly the same page you get when you clink on that same link from the main blog

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  • Tim Moore



    You need to edit core BP files to accomplish this. I’m not sure how this will effect overall BP performance, though.

    First thing to do is locate the file “bp-core-catchuri.php” in /buddypress/bp-core/. Open it up.

    You’ll want to comment out lines 36 and 37 which look like:

    if ( BP_ROOT_BLOG != (int) $current_blog->blog_id )
    return false;

    Next, you’ll want to change line 92 to read like the following:

    if ( ($bp_uri[0] == BP_MEMBERS_SLUG) || ($bp_uri[1] == BP_MEMBERS_SLUG) || in_array( 'bp-core-ajax-handler.php', $bp_uri ) ) {

    That should do it.



    thinks for ther info worked great…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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