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Accounts Automatically Marked As Spammer When Not

  • phiggins25


    Hello All,

    I am using a multisite network and one of my sites uses BuddyPress based theme and user login system. I use a plugin called Join my Multisite to automatically create and log in users to the various sites within the network however when first visiting my primary site as a logged in user and then linking to my BuddyPress site it is creating a user on the BuddyPress site however that user is automatically getting marked as a spammer even tho it is not. I am not sure what setting is automatically flagging the user as a spammer but I would like to stop this. Please provide any insight to the matter as it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • vapvarun


    @phiggins25 inside BuddyPress setting, you have options to set activities marked as spam via Akismet. It might be possible those users have suspicious IP, or their email id is already marked as spammers. Try to disable it.

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