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Achievements plugin by Paul Gibbs

  • I have to say, what I’ve seen of the latest version of this plugin is very nice indeed. My hat is off to you Mr Gibbs. :)
    Thus far, I’ve utilized the plugin for custom awards used for the purpose of one member being able to endorse another. To that end, I need to be able to allow certain users the ability to award other users. Is there an access/security model interface for this plugin where I can allow others (aside the main admin) the ability to add and grant custom awards (endorsements)?

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  • Ta!

    Sort of (I assume you’re talking about v2 here). Look at achievements-templatetags.php, below the line that reads “Use these to check user permissions”. You probably want to look at dpa_permission_can_user_grant() and dpa_permission_can_user_create().

    1) Filter those functions with your own logic.
    2) Give those capabilities to specific users via another plugin (WP Role Manager, or something).

    Looks like we can just toggle the boolean for loggedin_user to true for both functions to allow the desired effect, correct?

    And yes, working with v2.3. Already pimpin’ your work on this on past forum topics. ;)

    Nope, that didn’t work. Can you provide a little more detail on the procedures you listed above?

    Hi Paul- can you elaborate on how to do either of the options you listed above?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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