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acitvated? yes, no, yes …

  • Maythil


    Possibly due to oversight, there are many mistakes in the WPMU/BP combination.

    But these are mistakes all the same. Here is the latest at my site.

    I created a dummy user to see my site from a user’s POW.

    This user signed up, activated the account (from email) and logged in successfully.

    And this is what the user sees after all that has been done:

    Activate your Account

    Your account is now active!

    Your account has already been activated.

    You can now log in with the account details that were emailed to you.

    The heading implies the account is not activated!

    The next two sentences condradict it, saying it’s activated (tautology).

    The final line implies the user has not logged in, saying “you can now log in”,

    when the user has already logged in!

    So much confusion in less than 30 words.

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  • Paul Gibbs


    1) wrong forum – this is nothing to do with buddypress

    2) I think you get that message if a logged in user visits wp-activate.php or follows the email reactivation link a second time.



    Hello DJPaul,

    My apology, if it’s the wrong forum, DJPaul.

    I started using WP only because of BP — for a social network.

    (I must say “re-started using”, because at a time when I wanted to run a multi-blogal site, I tried out all the softwares available, including WP, and finally settled for Nucleus).

    Apart from that … One doubt.

    Can one re-use an activation link without entailing an error message, enter the site concerned and login successfully? After reading your note, for a test, I tried to re-use activation links from several sites, and each of them promptly flashed an error message.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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