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Activating the Site Tracking component

  • turnpiece


    Installing Buddypress on a existing WordPress site with a large number of users I’ve found that on activating the Site Tracking component I get the white screen of death. The front end of the site still works, mostly, but it’s completely killed the back end. Fortunately I’m doing this on a test site, with BP & WP 4.2.2, and have tried with no other plugins installed and the 2015 theme. This is a single site, not multisite.

    I’ve traced this back to the bp_blogs_record_existing_blogs function, specifically

    $users = get_users( array(
    ‘blog_id’ => $blog_id
    ) );

    OK, so it can’t cope with the number of users and I guess a more powerful server with higher memory and script execution times etc. might be able to cope, but I don’t have that at the moment and I’m looking for a work around. Is there a hook or filter I can remove that’ll let me replace bp_blogs_record_existing_blogs with my own function that could go through the users in chunks, maybe using wp_cron? It’s called from within bp_core_activation_notice which is called from the bp_admin_init hook so maybe that’s the one to replace?

    If anyone has come up against this problem before and has a solution please let me know.

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  • shanebp


    How many members do you have?

    Since you’re not on multisite, you could do this in function bp_blogs_record_existing_blogs:
    $users = get_users( 'fields=ID' );

    It will return an array of IDs, instead of an array of user objects so it will be faster.

    Then change the loop to this…

    foreach ( $users as $id ) {
      bp_blogs_add_user_to_blog( $id, false, $blog_id );

    Yes, it requires hacking core files, but the hack is only temporary, correct?



    Thanks. We have over 40,000 users and the test server still can’t cope with getting all the user ids. Perhaps a direct database query would do it? I’ve been trying to write a plugin using scheduled events, dealing with the users 1000 at a time, but it’s not working yet.



    I’d var_dump the first 1000 ids and then hardcode the array into a function that loops thru the array and calls bp_blogs_add_user_to_blog – just to see if it fails.

    If it does, then something else is going on.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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