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Activation Email – Not Received

  • jaynation


    Good Evening All,

    I really have have scoured the internet and forums for a solution but I am still amiss with this one. I have spend 4 full days on this and no resolve. Earlier last week I had been testing my sign up’s before I start to invite new users to my website. The issue is we are not receiving activation emails.

    I am using S2 member in conjuntion with buddypress and WP-SMTP and all settings have been checked at least 5 times over.

    Does anyone please have any suggestions?


    1. Test users are being registered successfully in wordpress after a live PayPal link and are landing on a page stating to check email for activation.
    2. WordPress is logging the pending member and we have manually requested activation emails again.
    3. We have tried several differing email accounts to receive the email.
    4. WP-SMTP is succesfully sending test emails to the said email account.
    5. We have deactivated S2, WP-SMTP and other plugins in different manners/orders but still no use.
    WP: 4.6.1
    BP: 2.7.2
    S2 Member: Version 160801
    WP-SMTP: 0.9.5

    ANY help would be most appreciated.

    With regards


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  • Venutius


    I think one of your plugins must be stopping the activation emails from going out. I’d deactivate them until the one that is blocking them is found.



    Good Evening,

    Many thanks for your support…I managed to locate the plugin it was:

    Add New Default Avatar
    Version 1.4 – By Kailey Lampert

    With regards


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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