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Activation Email with Gravity Forms

  • WebEndev


    Using BuddyPress 1.5 RC1 with WP 3.2.1, and Gravity Forms 1.6 with the User Registration Add-On

    I set up a custom Registration form using Gravity Forms.

    The WP user was created, and the BP user meta was populated perfectly.

    An email was sent out to the user as expected, but it was only the email containing Username, Password, and a link back to wp-login. The activation email did not go out.

    Logging the user on worked just fine, and it seems that the user has the correct role, and has the correct access on the site.

    I assume that the BuddyPress activation process was bypassed by using Gravity Forms?

    I would prefer to have activation as an extra measure to prevent bogus registration.

    I have a request in the Gravity Form forums to make the activation process work in their User Registration add-on plugin, but this may not be done for some time.

    In the mean time, is there a way to trigger the activation process that could be used in Gravity Forms?


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  • landwire


    did that issue get fixed yet? I also would like to see the activation email working with the user registration add-on. I cannot access GF’s user registration add-on forum…

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