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Activation Emails are not being sent

  • smilingdeep


    Hello Everyone.
    From past a week I’ve been working on my website. The problem is that buddypress doesn’t send activation mail but when I trigger forgot password email for the same account it sends.

    Default wordpress register page is able to send activation mail but when I activate buddypress it doesn’t work.I have tried all the plugins and have been going through all these forums from last two days but all in vain.

    I have reinstalled it thrice and now as stated in requirements I have done a manual wordpress install. I am on shared hosting and using my website mail server to send emails.

    My site : My Site

    Wordpress Version: 4.9.6
    Buddypress version: 3.0.0

    Please help me solve this issue.

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  • pdunk


    Can someone please share a video on how to add this code? Im not a WP expert and have no idea how to add or where to add this code.

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