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Activation emails not received.

  • chrisproblade


    So this has been an on and off issue I have struggled with using buddypress. Several users haven’t received an activation link. Whether it’s the fact that the link itself looks super spammy or some email servers have security issues with wordpress sending sketchy linksI have no idea. All I can say is with captcha plugins there really is no reason to force an activation link. A toggle feature should be added to buddypress to switch between auto account activation and email activation. I just had 5 people today say that the activation email was nowhere to be found. It makes it all the more frustrating when you are running paid ad’s to get sign ups on your site while this issue is happening. I’m on wp version5.5.3 and buddypress version 6.3.0 installed on the Arcane gaming theme by skywarriors.

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  • Check that your PHP version is not old



    Yes, this is a much desired application in BuddyPress. We have this application in our theme, the users are registered and activated simultaneously. In case you are interested, link.
    We’ve even extended this Buddypress function into registering with a user with custom role or member type, registering in groups, sending custom activation email and on activation sending custom welcome emails all controlled at the point of registration itself.



    PHP version is up to date, and yes it’s silly that despite everyone constantly having this issue they refuse to address it. They don’t need to click a link just auto log them in and take them to their profiles. I’m actually losing money right now because people aren’t able to even get into their accounts after the register. It makes you look incompetent to someone who’s trying to join your site for the first time and they can’t even log in! ADD A TOGGLE OPTION! We all want the option to turn email activations off!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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