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Activation is not visible

  • ZaheedManuel


    Hi Everyone.

    Im busy developing a website. Its still a work in progress. I have the latest WP (version 4.9.6) and the new BP (Version 3.0.0). And Im using this theme > KLEO

    When a new user register:
    1. they receive the activation email
    2. click and it redirects to the activate page sucessfully
    3. But there is no activation key in the field. its blank
    4. When I copy and paste the key from the URL, then the account is activated successfully.

    My problem is the user cant see the activation key on the activate page. That field is blank.

    I did the following already:
    1. De-activated all plugins except BP
    2. Re-installed the theme
    3. When I use the default WP theme, then I can see the activation key
    4. Contacted the theme support, they say its a BP issue.


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Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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