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Activation Key not being emailed

  • I receive the activation email, with a url. Works fine….sometimes. The other times, that it doesnt work, Im asked to enter my activation key. But no activation key is found.

    What gives? :)

    Ive seen a few posts about this. But I really couldnt find an answer.

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  • The email isn’t being received because some email places think it is spam.

    @Andrea_r so youre saying there are two emails? One with the link and another with the key?

    If thats the case, Why does one email come through with the link and the other doesnt?


    The activation email is one email. It has the activation key in the link it sends.

    Do you mean when you click the link you get, it shows “activation key not found” o your site? Because that is a different issue.

    Can you post a link to your site?

    @Andrea_r Nope, cant post a link cause its not live yet and client would freak.

    Here’s what happens.

    I get an email. It contains an activation link. If I click that link, sometimes im taken to a page that asks for an activation key to be entered in to an field. But I never received an activation key.

    Yes, you DID receive the activation key. it was in the link that you just clicked on. CLicking the link verifies your new account.

    @Andrea_r Yes, I understand that the link is the activation. But where is the activation code that its asking me to enter…

    As I stated in previous posts…..

    when I click the link, I am sometimes taken to a page where im asked to enter a activation key. But there is no activation key in the email. Just a link.

    Clicking the link doesn’t add the activation code in the input field does it? Where is the email with the activation code that needs to be entered in to input

    “But where is the activation code that its asking me to enter…”

    In the email with the link you just clicked. it’s part of the link itself.

    “Clicking the link doesn’t add the activation code in the input field does it?”

    Yes, yes it does.

    For example, this is the email that is sent:

    “Thanks for registering! To complete the activation of your account please click the following link:”

    See where it says KEY? And all those letters and numbers afterwards? THat is the activation key.

    so youre saying, a user needs to copy the key string and paste it in to the input field where im being asked to enter my activation key?

    why do I think thats wrong?

    they only need to copy/paste that info if for some reason the key in that URL does not show in their address bar.

    Looks like ill have to add some text to that email stating that incasae they are prompted with that field.

    There is no indication that that needs to be done.

    igeekout I completely understand what you mean as I having the same issue. did you ever figure anything out for this, putting an explanation on there is a bit messy for the user.



    I am having the same problem and I tried to do a test registration today. I have checked the spam folder to see if I get any activation key, but no we don’t, just the account activation mail. I activated my account using the link in the email.I was redirected to the activation key page too. Copy pasting the key from the activation link does not work. I tried to play a trick, I logged in using the username and pwd I used during the registration and it worked. I could open my profile page and upload avatar and add friends without entering the activation key. I don’t know why this is happening, and this can be a turn off for people trying to register on the site and something should be done about this. Thanks in advance for any helpful tips!

    Hi guys im new to Buddypress and i want to know were do i sign-up or register to get the Activation Key.


    hey even i am facing the same problem…
    user gets the email with the activation link but after clicking on the link, he/she gets redirected to the activation page where the user is asked to enter the activation key.

    how can i resolve this?



    no one have solved this problem?



    I am also having this issue and I think I have narrowed it down to certain email providers and how they deal with links. Yahoo for instance opens the activation code page while at the same time the account is activated so you do not need to enter any code while gmail and hotmail link straight to a page that says the account is activated. This is indeed a problem.

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