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  • alysonmac


    I have a relatively new website that we are trying to promote and get users to sign up for. We have just under 200 users but only 30 or so are active. How can I remove the information about numbers of users active or not active from the member view page of buddypress or how can i make all users automatically active?

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  • Users are considered “active” when they have contributed something to the site. This is judged by whether they have an item in the bp_activity table. You could add fake last_activity items directly to the database table to make it look like they are active users.

    You could also change the loop templates (like members/members-loop.php) to actually remove items or add CSS to just not display, like .directory.members .pag-count { display: none }

    It’s a temporary situation (you’ll have more active users soon), so whatever you do should be easy to reverse.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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