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Active Sometime Ago – FIXED

  • All of my activities and activities of my users are coming up with “active sometime ago” instead of active 1 minute go” etc

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  • Just to add, it only appears to be on some pages that its not working. And it must have been working as there is some members that should Active 16 hours ago.

    Its the hook – bp_member_last_active()

    $members_template is coming back as NULL

    bp_member_last_active() is only used in the members directory / member’s friend pages. It’s not in the default theme’s activity stream. I assume therefore you’re running a custom theme, which we’ll need to adjust. Did you create it yourself, or download it from somewhere? If the latter, hopefully the vendor offers support.

    Thanks Paul, yes I created it myself.

    I followed the convert your theme instructions and everything else appears to be working, expect my newly registered users arent getting the activation email.

    Just reverted to the buddypress default theme and everything is working as it should.

    So something must be breaking the system in my theme.

    How am I able to debug the theme?

    Found the issue in my custom template.

    Thank you Paul for getting involved.

    Good job :)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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